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Tools for Everyday Needs,

Accessible Anywhere.

  • Does your child struggle with maintaining focus in school?
  • Does your little one struggle in loud environments?
  • Does your child's shirt sleeves look like they went through the garbage disposal?
  • SensoryFix can help.

    With the SensoryFix you can give your child the right tools and knowledge to support their needs. Empowering them to make a positive change in their life.

    All the tools you need to help support your child's sensory needs, all in one easy to carry bag.

    Get your #sensoryfix now!

    Why Project Sensory?


    Help your children find comfort in their needs.


    Find the perfect tools to support your child's needs.


    Learn the in's and out's of your child's sensory system and why they matter.


    Help donate to classrooms in need.